Palms Giving Back

Dedicated to making a difference in the local community


Bwejuu Clinic

Through our commitment to training and employment within the hospitality sector, as well as working with and supporting the local community, The Zanzibar Collection is committed to assisting where we can. It is with great pleasure and pride that we have supported & sponsored the dedicated maternity clinic in the village of Bwejuu, which we believe will be of great benefit to the families of this community.

The new maternity and children’s clinic in Bwejuu Zanzibar was officially opened on 17th May 2014 in an event graced by Seif Ali Iddi, the Vice President of Zanzibar, on behalf of the president of Zanzibar Dr Ali Mohamed Shein. It was a very memorable occasion attended by the regional officials from South and Central Districts, the Ministry of Health, as well as the local village chief and elders, among others. We are happy that the occasion was also marked by the attendance of so many children, who will undoubtedly benefit from the services of this new clinic. We dedicated to making a difference in the local community and with our hotels as a platform that enables us to reach out to and encourage other donors to contribute in a similar venture, we are happy to say that through the generosity of the charity organization New Hope, Sweden, Bwejuu now has a brand new children’s clinic.

The Zanzibar Collection has been delighted to work with New Hope in developing this project and their generous support. Having broken ground with our first hotel over 20 years ago as one of the first investors on the Island, we are proud of the contribution that we have made and continue to make to an entire generation of Zanzibaris and Tanzanians over the years, through our hotels and several charity projects which includes the Bwejuu school.

For those guests wishing to support the local community, here is a list of recommended items that are always needed in the clinic. We greatly appreciate any support that is extended to this very important project.

The Environment

  • We have taken great pains to build our hotel in an environmentally responsible way.
  • All Villas have solar power
  • We have a state of the art waste disposal & recycling system
  • An in house garden growing local produce.
  • We have an environmentally responsible desalination plant where all our water is produced locally and not taken from the village source.

We always prioritize purchasing any materials or supplies from our local village wherever possible and regularly get visits from local fishermen who sell us our catch of the day in our effort to support the local community.

We made a decision when we opened The Palms to support the local hotel school as a result virtually 90% of all our staff are graduates. They have undergone intensive training programs, English classes (from a professional instructor of English) and have acquired a lifetime skill which will benefit them and the hospitality industry of Zanzibar in general for an entire generation.

  • We built the hotel with a local workforce
  • Our charity Palms for Bwejuu (linked with our sister hotels Baraza and Breezes) has been responsible for a huge improvement in the quality of life of the village. Since its inception, this charity has built a mosque, repainted the Bwejuu clinic and supplied them with fresh water and medicines (during the most recent power black out) we have donated beds and mattresses, clothes, school supplies, and books.

Once a year, together with another charity, the Palms management and staff go to the village and clean the beaches and villages, paint the clinic and celebrate another year of working together with our local community. Our most recent event which was done together with our sister property (Breezes for Bwejuu) was a Mchamvi vs. Bwejuu football match; we donated 40 footballs to the pitch along with a trophy for the winner. The winning team received Tanzanian Shillings 800,000 and the other team received 450,000. These moneys are going to be used by the teams respectively to buy uniforms, train, and will assist in providing the youth of the two villages with constructive activities.

Our guests consistently send gifts, donations and helpful material to the charity which is a wonderful indicator of the success of the program and the importance of bringing them to visit and experience village life.