“True meaning of R&R”

We’ve just returned from the final part of our honeymoon. The Palms is a very, very comfortable hotel with truly exceptional service. At one point I was sure the staff were reading my mind.

A number of things struck me about this hotel. Firstly, the diversity of food was superb. As a rule we are not great fans of all inclusive stays in hotels – however, every lunch and dinner impressed with some great dishes served.

The hotels allocation of space and facilities on the beach made for a very comfortable stay. The use of the facilities in the next door breezes also impressed – even the private yoga sessions.

Other point is the shop in Breezes, it has some very, very nice things and is worth a visit.

Minor comments – should the management team be interested:

The private villa plunge pool is a bit of a gimmick, its too noisy and mozzie infested to really be comfortable – but its nice idea. I would recommend they switch them off during the day – it seemed a waste of energy and was noisy.

The rooms are visually stunning, but other aspects are not quite as perfect. Get rid of the fridge – again it is noisy, move it to the villa annex or get fridges that are quiet. I switched it off.

As with any room with strong air-conditioning – they tend to get a little damp smelling – with so many fantastic flowers and plants in the grounds – the rooms may benefit from some spices or flowers – just to soften the whole effect.

All in all this was a superb hotel and I think we will return some day for sure.

Guest nationality: English

Reviewed June 18, 2007