“Wedded Bliss”

I got married here so you can bet that I had high hopes for this place. Wow – we knew it was the right decision the moment we passed through the gates. Barefoot luxury is a great description. You can easily pick up on the elegance of the place just looking at the pictures, what you can’t see is what a fantastic ambiance there is, it is so chilled out.
When we were there they were doing about one wedding a month so this was no production line, we were made to feel very special. They asked which flowers we wanted picking from their beautiful garden for our wedding canopy and we watched them building it over a couple of days. Married by the Bishop of the Revolutionary Peoples Republic of Zanzibar looks pretty cool on our Marriage Certificate. We were made to feel like royalty from the moment we arrived, and somehow they managed to up the ante on our wedding day. The English language is packed with red hot adjectives and I struggle to come up with any that describe our stay.

Guest nationality: English

Reviewed April 25, 2007